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Wendy Williams "Be Here" Campaign

COMPANY: Wendy Williams

SCOPE: Branding strategy, creative direction, website design, social media strategy

DESCRIPTION: One of our my recent clients is Wendy Williams, who has decided to create an effort to help combat drug addiction and substance abuse. Wendy's team had an idea, but needed partners to execute and provide direction. I am proud to have been one of those partners. I led the creative direction, marketing strategy, and the design of the campaign website. You can visit the site at

The campaign has been featured on CNN, Dr. OZ, The View, People magazine, and more.


“Home Videos” Marketing


SCOPE: Branding strategy, creative direction, partnership and influencer marketing, social media strategy

DESCRIPTION: For HBO’s Home Videos special starring Jerrod Carmichael, they wanted to develop a marketing strategy that felt authentic, as this content was very personal to Jerrod.

We agreed that the marketing would resonate best if it felt authentic, so we tied our efforts to the content about listening to and supporting Black women. We developed a strategy that focused on driving conversations led by brands and influencers about the important topics covered during the show.


Lives of Commitment Breakfast

COMPANY: The Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

SCOPE: Rebrand strategy, creative direction, event execution and marketing

DESCRIPTION: The "Beyond Housing" conference has been taking place for over a decade, its primary focus is fostering discussion and and learning about innovative ways to address poverty and homelessness. While the conference ideas were fresh and innovative, the marketing and branding was not. 

For the rebrand, I focused on leveraging not only the innovative aspects of the conference, but also the idea of going "beyond the blueprint" of thoughts around homelessness. 

We created a vibrant design, which injected new life into the conference and all of its subsequent digital pieces and print collateral.